why i blog about trash

Everyone’s got an.. opinion. Each varies in different shades, shapes, sizes… stay with me now.

I feel like this is worth mentioning: Music can be perceived in every way possible.

Sometimes you love it; sometimes you think “meh”; sometimes you get irritated or even aggravated (calm down); you may even scream and shout, keep breathin’, and shake it off come time the music becomes a guilty pleasure. There’s a whole spectrum.. hehe. Ok, focus.

This is an all-too-familiar feeling. A new song comes out. You haven’t heard it. Maybe you heard a few seconds of it and got bored. Whatever the case, chatter starts spreading that the song is a mess. Not even a hot mess, it’s just a mess. What do you do? Of course, you don’t like the song — you don’t want to be a misfit. One day, however, you hear the song — maybe once or maybe a few times — and you come to the realization, “dammit, this is a good song”.  Now you have a new song to enjoy, whether it be guilty or proud. Maybe that song comes on when you’re on ground zero and practically saves your life. Now you still have your life. You might even like it and decide, “meh, I’d rather be popular” and still pretend to hate it (not in a ‘guilty pleasure’ way, more of a ‘you’re completely lying to yourself’ way). Now you’re just a follower.

When I say “blog about trash”, that means I’ll blog about anything and everything regarding music.

Whether you consider a song or an artist to be either “ground-breaking” or “absolute garbage” is completely subjective. My goal is to understand the “groundbreaking” AND “absolute garbage” that comes with whatever facet of music. I don’t want to ignore “trash” music because the majority says it’s so; I want to not only hear the music but understand the music and solidify my own [everso developing] opinions as to whether or not it’s truly trash. Case in point, don’t tell me how to think!! Moving forward, I hope to end my posts so that you as a reader can develop your own opinion (even though I might throw in some of my opinions just because I’m like that).

To sum things up, develop your OWN opinion. Don’t go with the status quo or the “majority rule”. Some of the greatest works aren’t realized — or even respected — until someone can be capable of realizing and understanding its greatness. Great minds think alike, that’s all I’m sayin’.

Zach Aldana
I am a musician with a focus in voice. I studied music during my undergraduate years, receiving a degree in Music at the University of Illinois at Chicago. My musical experience stems back from when I was three years old singing in a church choir. 22 years later, I've participated in numerous choirs, some of which have toured internationally from South Korea to Wales. I am also a classically trained singer, performing solos around the world, most notably for Kelly Clarkson's Piece by Piece World Tour at the Allstate Arena in 2015. Aside from performing, I also enjoy songwriting, analyzing music, and of course, stating my opinion about all things music. Aside from that, I am a graphic designer and web developer. I began graphic and web design at the age of eight. In time, I have been commissioned to help schools and universities, businesses, and personal clients develop their presentation and online exposure. ​

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