some cool music i found online

In place of ‘member monday for this week, here’s some songs from different people I found online that I think you should see.

"no tears left to cry" (ariana grande cover) by miley cyrus and mark ronson

I love that Miley can put a twist on anything. while not as exciting as the original, you can tell how great of a voice and dexterity she possesses, on par with that of Ariana Grande. Mark Ronson is also a freaking legend.

"familiar" (steven universe cover) by eile monty

I am obsessed with Steven Universe and all the music that comes with it. I love how Eile Monty does this cover because she embodies Rose Quartz/Pink Diamond in their character perspective of the song. very, very well executed.

"social dance" by doddleoddle

This cutesy song is one of the top songs ever to come out of a YouTuber, in my opinion. doddleoddle has a lot of them, in fact.

“dream a little dream of me” (cover) by Amy Vachal

Amy Vachal has such a soothing voice that can even make a baby calm down — well my baby will after I play this song on loop in the womb. i remember hearing this one maybe a year or so before she performed it on the voice (oo trendsetter, Zach).

"fool me once" by jess godwin

This song legit got me through some hard points in my life. I remember when I saw the video featuring Dance Mom’s Chloe Lukasiak a few years back. Had I not kept listening to the song on repeat… don’t cry, it’s ok, I’ll stop. Funny enough, I remember hearing this on dance moms back in like 2014 (oo I hope it comes back soon). #FREEABBLEY What surprised me is remembering that I heard this song over 5 years ago. I saw Jess Godwin perform this at one of her shows in Chicago. It was one of the standout songs of the night (though I’m quite obsessed the “Katy’s Side”).

Zach Aldana
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