siegfried and heroin

You can loosely compare a lot of things to a lot of things. I’m going to compare Richard Wagner’s Siegfried to heroin. Yes, the drug heroin.

Siegfried is about a warrior named, you guessed it, Siegfried. He is raised by his guardian, Mime, after his mother died giving birth to him. While Mime expected Siegfried to kill a ferocious dragon, Faf, he is given a premonition that Siegfried would also kill him. That said, Mime tries to poison Siegfried, except Siegfried already killed the dragon, giving him the ability to see through Mime’s intentions, thus fulfilling the prophecy and killing Mime. So where does the prophecy come in?

Well, Mime is Siegfried’s “heroin”.

Heroin makes it seem like it’s there to help; its mission for you is to chase the dragon to gain what you are looking for. Siegfried is chasing the dragon to kill it and realize what he’s missing – fear. After realizing the prophesy that Siegfried would kill him after defeating the dragon, Mime decides he would poison Siegfried to kill him, thus saving Mime’s life and gaining domination. Just like heroin wants to achieve domination over your body, it’ll keep you around and poison you to achieve that domination. It’s funny, though, because Mime actually becomes a dragon in itself that Siegfried realizes he has to kill, hence the term “chase the dragon”. This typically happens after you’ve found a way to kill the dragon Mime/heroin claims it’ll do for you. It gives you that false hope that it’ll figure out all your problems, while you keep believing it and depending on it until you either snap out of it… or you die.

Don’t die.

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Zach Aldana
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