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Christmas songs can either be really good or really cheesy. Or really bad.

There are a LOT of really bad Christmas songs. Christmas music has been so commercialized, it seems as if the music has become a means to an end — obviously money. Does it really matter if it’s good? Just throw in some sleigh bells and use the words “Christmas” and “this year” and you’ve got a song you’ll hear for like 3 weeks and then never remember again. Or you’ll hear it 5 years from now and say “OH yeah! I forgot how bad this was.”

That said,

a majority of modern holiday songs lack inspiration and authenticity.

The music is so in-your-face IT’S CHRISTMAS that it gets exhausting to listen to. I’m not saying all are bad, I’m just saying most are. I just wish people would stop trying so hard to write a ‘tug-to-the-heart, I miss you so much’ sort of song that tells the same story a million times over. I especially want the 5 million “All I Want for Christmas” to just stop. 20+ years later and no, you still didn’t get it right. At this point, I’m sure you can tell that I don’t typically care for original Christmas songs. Especially when a YouTuber attempts to do it. There’s a whole thing I have about YouTubers and original music. We’ll save that for another time.

Nonetheless, I went on YouTube to listen to a Kelly Clarkson remix of “Underneath the Tree” (which I’ll say comes really close to “All I Want For Christmas is You” so good on her). On the sidebar, I came across this video titled “original sad Christmas song ‘This Christmas'”. The title alone made me want to click it just for the hell of it. “Alright Kenzie Nimmo”, I said, “let’s see what you got.”

I had my reservations at first, but I gave it a chance and heard it straight through. Like 5 times in a row.

“This Christmas” is a fairly simple song – four chords in B major. Typical. However, it’s the lyrical content and the honesty in the song. Rather than writing some sappy song about how she heartbroken over her loved one who left her, she reflects on the situation and accepts that she and her loved one wants time apart. She’s accepted the situation and will abide by the time apart, but she will move on and continue to celebrate the holidays, with or without the person. That’s is so commendable and inspiring. It’s also ironically cathartic in a way; it takes a strong person to acknowledge a bad situation in a time where you should be happy. It takes an even stronger person to allow yourself happiness during that happy time for the sake of your own feelings and mental health.

Oh, FYI, I love how she kept the song simple, especially limiting the song to guitar and voice. It puts more emphasis on the lyrics itself rather than distracting from the story Kenzie is telling. If you have the holiday blues, check this beautifully-written song out.

BRB, I’ll be crying for the Holiday season. In the worst and best way possible.

Check out Kenzie and more of her original music!

Zach Aldana
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