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Here’s something that’ll be weekly (and we’re off to a great start!).

There is a culmination of music out there — it’s seemingly never-ending and somewhat overwhelming. There are also a plethora of talented musicians and artists. I wanna share the ones I think you should remember — or as we’ll call it, ‘member (South Park, Season 20 and on) monday.

Now before anyone starts coming after me saying “HOW IS THIS PERSON TRASH?!”,

let me tell you right now; I don’t think they are. ‘member monday is solely going to be what I believe is worth mentioning because it is so GOOD. Only positive vibes with this section. I will, however, explain why I use the slogan “blog about trash”. That’ll be for another time though. Now’s time to focus on this star.

Did you see A Star is Born? Did you like Lady GaGa and Bradley Cooper? Honestly, what seemed to be an odd pairing of artists turned out to be an odd pair of artists with extremely admirable chemistry. Top that off, they outstandingly performed original music that’s outstanding. It’s OUTSTANDING. There are a few good gems in the soundtrack, but one that stuck out to me the most was “I’ll Never Love Again”. Lady GaGa made what was already a great song into a memorable performance that can only be replicated once and by one person. The song has a huge timeline with a defined stamp titled, “Lady Gaga, 2018 version”. From there, the timeline can either cease or move forward while collecting more stamps. Those stamps, at least in my opinion, can only be earned when a “new” performance of the song is performed. When a musician attempts to perform a song the way the original musician performed it, it almost never works. Eh, I’ll say it: it NEVER works. Is it possible to match the technique and emotional execution as well as the original artist? Sure. When you do that, though, is it really your performance? Are you really giving an authentic performance, or are you just mimicking? Let’s also note that Lady Gaga is a monster performer to try and match.

When a unique performance comes into fruition, however, that changes the game.

A “unique” performance can be defined by the execution of different aspects of style, technique, musicality, tenacity, and so forth and how the performer executes those aspects. What makes it unique is entirely up to you. You have control of what version deserves a stamp on the song’s timeline. I’m just sharing my version.

I stumbled upon this performance

around the same time Lady Gaga’s version came out. Her performance was out-of-this-world (you can check it out at the bottom) and I had it on repeat for a good hour. Eventually, curiosity brought me to YouTube and I wanted to see who could attempt to match that.

There were only 3 or 4 versions at the time and Katia’s version was one of the first videos I came across. Girl — I dropped. She stripped down the version more than it was already and it was the most vulnerable performance I’ve heard to date (besides Gaga’s version). Her honesty and authentic approach to the song is admirable. It’s hard for a performer to tell their story when they sing or play, especially when it comes to covers. Katia successfully told her own story and captured me so much, this was on repeat for a few days tbh. We’ll stamp “Katia, 2018 version”. Check out her video and revel with me.

Homegirl also has an LP she released November 12, demos, so you must check that out. btw. I was pretty blown away and emotional when I heard this. #drowningintears Follow Katia on all her socials!

And the original if you haven’t heard it.

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