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If you’ve been keeping up with my blog (or if you wanna catch up, just click that beautiful logo to see my other mumbo-jumbo), I’m a ‘lil obsessed with Steven Universe.

Like really obsessed. Like really. The story arch of the series intricately combines elements of music, dance, anime, fantasy, and societal issues all for a kid (and grown person) to enjoy. The show is no stranger to keep its audience on their toes with random plot twists, inconveniently juicy cutoffs to the credits, and an extremely random TV schedule (sometimes you’ll get one episode every week for 2 months and sometimes 5 episodes every three days, or like nothing for 2 years). Even during the “filler” breaks of whatever sub-arch, there’s something important from those episodes that’ll come back up in a later (probably more “profound”) episode.

While the original music is fantastic, I always look forward to the covers.

What’s nice about the “YouTubers” of Steven Universe is their appreciation for musical variation. The show already establishes a very unique form that’s maintained consistency throughout its run. It’s a form that’s super easy to execute as a cover; however, I think the music fits best only within the contexts of the show itself. Delightfully, most of these YouTube singers embellish the form and mix in their own style.

Annapantsu is one of those YouTubers.

While Anna covers other famous animations, her Steven Universe collection stands out to me most. With an already rich alto sound, Anna embraces her fantastic musical theatre capabilities. Her voice is clear and forward, tending to slide into her vowels, which I think adds to the style more than being an idiosyncrasy. Even if it that’s the case, I don’t really mind. Anna’s voice pays close attention to the lyrics and allows for any riffing or slides to actually make sense with what she’s saying.  I also love her ability to incorporate some of Disney-esque storytelling form into her covers . Her capability in being able to do this flatters the song and its lyrical content quite beautifully. It helps me to discover more depth in a Steven Universe song than I might not have been able to on my own. Brava to that.

Check out more of annapantsu and her beautiful covers.

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